Thursday, June 10, 2010

my favorite cooking & recipe blogs

have cake, will travel is a fantastic vegan blog with yummy food and gorgeous photos. For a while, I was making her amazing peanut butter cups constantly, so I always had some on hand. A lot of her recipes are for baked goods, and she uses interesting flours and sweeteners. My sweet tooth appreciates her dessert and breakfast recipes, but not all of her recipes are for sweets; I'm a huge fan of her faux-sausage recipes. She's also co-author of the new book, 500 Vegan Recipes

vegan yum yum is one of the first food blogs I read regularly, and I've even gone back and read all of her archives. She doesn't post very frequently any more, but I recommend subscribing anyway and reading the old posts as well. And buying the book. I've made and loved so many of her recipes, I don't even know which to list here. Here goes an attempt: avocado wasabi salad; spring crepes (the best vegan crepe recipe ever);  kaju katli (mine have never looked near as gorgeous as hers, but they never fail to be a tasty treat); delicata squash bisque; homemade vegetable broth (don't waste those kitchen scraps!); poolish focaccia; okay, just read the blog already. It's chock-full of tasty recipes, gorgeous photos, and handy advice for food bloggers

I only learned about veggie num num recently. I tried this baked risotto recipe after seeing it on the kitchn. It was so easy, delicious, and comforting. I love the emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and grains being themselves and doing what they do best in a dish; too often in vegan and vegetarian cooking, there's a tendency to get stuck on imitating non-vegan or non-vegetarian meals. Which can be fun (like the delicious faux-sausage above! but I think part of why that works is that it's based on what's tasty with seitan, not necessarily with trying to be identical to sausage), can be a good way to transition to veg*nism, and can be a good way to take care of cravings without cheating. I just like vegetables! Onto my favorites: I can't wait to try this baked tamarind rice pudding; orzo salad with baby arugula/rocket; and tri-mushroom risotto

sprouted kitchen is another recent find. I'm already enchanted by the lovely photographs and emphasis on whole foods (and once again, vegetables!). I'm already dreaming about this spicy chai latte. And cast iron cornbread! I'm a sucker for food baked in cast iron skillets. I can't wait to try this with my favorite vegan cornbread recipe. And what could be prettier than this tasty-looking peanut sauce bento bowl post

rec(ession)ipes is based on an awesome idea. For me though, it functions more as inspiration than a resource for actual recipes. I think this is mostly because it's heavy on non-vegan ingredients. (Often a cheap way to get nutrients due to the annoying symptoms of federal subsidies). At any rate, I can't wait to try out this sangria recipe for a party. 

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