Monday, June 21, 2010

my computer meets its nemesis (again)

what I would be attempting right now (if the guy at the apple store weren't as awesome as it turns out he is)

I'm not sure how a bottle of vinegar fell off the shelf above where I'd set my computer, far away (I thought) from the messiness of cooking, but it did. I must have heard a strange crunching / cracking noise, because when I turned around and saw the vinegar bottle I'd just tried to put away safe, sound, and whole, on the kitchen floor, I was confused. Then I saw the insane, pixelated stripes covering over half of my screen, merging in a strange, vinegar-bottle-top-sized dent. 

Here are (some of) the other things that have happened to laptops I've owned:
  • a defective battery, which would overheat and swell and contract. It turns out the battery is directly under the keyboard and trackpad, so as it swelled and contracted, the mouse would move and click, completely at random. To all appearances, my computer was possessed. Possessed by an evil demon set on selecting text as I typed (meaning I would type over it) or changing windows or moving the cursor or closing windows.
  • some dude sat on my computer. Sat. On my macbook pro. You guys: someone sat on my macbook pro. This broke the hard drive and the CPU, both of which had to be replaced. 
  • I slipped on some ice on the sidewalk in the dark and the computer fell out of my arms, sort of bouncing along the edge that has the CD drive, which of course ceased to work.
  • I knocked my computer off of my desk at a party, busting the USB ports and making a bizarre dent in the casing. A couple months after that? I dropped my computer off of my lofted bed, and it fell at least 4 feet to the ground. (FYI: if a computer falls 4 feet onto a hardwood floor, you have to get a new one.)
So when the nice guy at the apple store said that they wouldn't charge to repair the screen (something not technically covered by my warranty) it was AWESOME. 

I'm using my parents' computer for work all week, and it's all right. They don't have photoshop, so I'm using gimp, and, I know it's amazing that it's free and open source, but I really hate gimp. I hate how you have to click everything in the toolbar twice, how there's no way to get rid of the "show layer boundary" default (why on earth would you want it to constantly look like you'd selected everything?) and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad text editor. I could go on. Suffice to say I spent a lot of today yelling at the computer and frightening my dog. 

On the bright side: my computer is being fixed! For free! Thanks Apple! 

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