Wednesday, June 30, 2010

if you know how breaking a screen could break the logic board or cause "water damage" let me know

"hedgehog in the fog" has little to do with the actual subject matter of this post, but it and Doctor Who are all that are cheering me up right now. even muffin-sized peanut butter cups aren't helping much.

So this was going to be a recipe post for vegan pasta putanesca and garlic artichoke bread. But then I got my computer back.

Remember my computer? And how I dented the screen? I was all excited because the nice people at the apple store were replacing the screen for me. All this week I was a little confused because they said it would be 3-5 business days (of which today is the 8th) to repair it. Yesterday I called and, after literally an hour an hold (I guess a lot of people wanted to know about the iphone 4?) learned that I would be able to pick up my computer at 7:15 tonight. My dad had something to do there around the same time anyway, so I gave him my paperwork and he picked it up for me. 

There it was, all un-dented and shiny! I tried to log in. But my keyboard wasn't working properly. I restarted. Still no keyboard. I tried to shut it down for a while to see if that helped, but it wouldn't shut down. It sort of restarted (I think) but then the login screen was still there, and I still couldn't log in because the keyboard still wasn't working. 

I made an appointment for tomorrow at 11 AM, then left for the store to see if they could do anything for me tonight, since I have a business meeting tomorrow and was hoping to be able to, like, bring my laptop with all my work on it. 

Long story short, my initial paperwork said they were replacing the screen, but it also said something about water damage. I noticed this the other day while I was staring at it, vaguely memorizing my repair number, while on hold for 58 minutes. I thought it was a mistake. But apparently it wasn't? And so they replaced my logic board too? Also free of charge? Without telling me? Uh... thanks? I mean I actually am glad that, if  my logic board were broken, they fixed it without charging me. That's actually totally amazing! But why doesn't my keyboard work? Why did dropping something on the screen make my logic board stop working? Or my keyboard? I am so baffled and upset. 

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