Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anu Tuominen

Anu Tuominen is an artist I return to again and again. I had trouble narrowing down to even all these images, because what leaves me spellbound is the effect all of these pieces together have on me. I wish I could see some in person. Her pieces are so creative and elegant, not to mention gorgeously photographed. 

I've posted Anu Tuominen frequently on my tumblr. When I was making this post, I went through and gave those a cursory tag with her name, though I may have missed some; I'm in the process of tagging all my old tumblr posts, but there are a huge number of posts between June 2009 and about February or March 2010 that are untagged (and the Anu Tuominen posts fall in this range). 

I definitely discovered Anu Tuominen via dear ada, though I can't find the exact post right now. 

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I've never heard of her before, thanks for sharing. I'm especially intrigued because (and you can tell by her name alone) she's Finnish and she's working very near to where I live... maybe I can see some pieces live at a gallery.

    The deer-brush is my favorite. Or the karyatid or hawk.


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