Monday, April 4, 2011

book art, part 2

I've discovered more wonderful book artists since I made my first post of book art by various artists. Here are some of my recent favorites.

 Above: "Eternity" by Míla Fürstová. Discovered via how to make a baby elephant float.

Unsure of title, by Louise Richardson. Via Imagine Gallery. I first learned of her work, and Imagine Gallery, via Ullabenulla.

Peat Stack by Joanne B. Kaar.

Seafarer's Log by Joanne B. Kaar.

Bird Book by Chela Metzger. Via f yeah book arts.

Wood Book by Lexi Hayman. I couldn't track down a source for this image, but I found it via f yeah book arts.

Edge Painting by Louisa BoydVia winterlief.

Forgotten Knowledge by Rachael Ashe on flickr.

Unsure of creator, found via poppytalk

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