Wednesday, November 3, 2010

cluttered and beautiful spaces

In my post about the Society, Inc., I talked about how I tend to love interior design pictures of huge, sunlit, white spaces sparsely decorated with minimal furniture and a few splashes of color. I will probably never have a place like this -- I just own too much stuff. And now I'm about to move into a tiny bedroom in a teensy-tiny apartment, where I don't have a living room to dump to my extra things like bookcases and knicknacks, let alone a separate studio to put my art supplies. 

So this post is devoted to beautiful pictures of cluttered spaces, with emphasis on workspaces. 

Above: photo by Jeremy Levine Design on flickr, posted on Pitch Design Union. I found it on cmongirl's tumblr. This is still a bigger room than my bedroom, so I have no hope of this much open space (even if I had only a bed and a dresser). It's not exactly "cluttered," but not exactly sparse, either.  I love the wall shelves to keep surfaces clear, the tons of stuff under the desk areas, and the stacks of books.

Kitchen clutter! Someday I'll have a kitchen with more than one unit of counterspace (not including where a dish drainer would go) but that day is not now. 

Picture above via Hello Ne√ęst !

This sewing shed belongs to Artemis of Tales of a Junkaholic. I think this picture shows pretty much the entire shed. As I'm planning my new teeny bedroom, I'm appreciating elements like the cute, compact baskets and other storage she's using.

Picture from designsponeshop flickr, discovered via please sir. It's hard to see just how cluttered this space is in terms of furniture, but I love all of the color, pattern, fabrics, and textures. 

Another one I mostly like for the clutter on the walls, via the steampunk home. I don't think I could pull this sort of thing off in my place, though. For one thing, I think having walls this cluttered, in addition to my necessarily cluttered furniture, would make everything claustrophobic. 

Another workspace cluttered with baskets, books, and wall adornments. This one is by Angie Caovia tea for joy

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