Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Bird Seller

Ah, took a bit of an inadvertent blogging break for a week or so there! I'll be back to posting at least weekly now. Though posts here might be slightly less frequent than in the past -- now that I'm both making art again and have a full-time job, I'll be focusing on that blog. I'll still be posting all my favorite inspirational images, and occasionally, recipes. Cooking original recipes is something else that's gone by the wayside with this full-time working and art-making! I still cook, but I mostly cook my favorites. A post on my favorites is forthcoming!

This is an image I first found on tumblr, and it's been inspiring me since. I love the man's stance, not to mention all the birdcages! More on the image can be found here.


  1. Nice Chinese painting! Looks like it's a page from a book, maybe of different street vendors.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! And sorry again about the absence :)

  3. I'm slightly confused by this. I am most interested in your art blog. Did you get a full-time job at the San Francisco Center for the Book? Thanks for introducing me to the amazing world of book art. I must have lead a secluded creative life, because I hadn't come across this outlet before.

  4. Nigel, I did not get a full-time job at the SF Center for the Book! If only I had. I have a regular old desk job full-time, and am volunteering at the center for book frequently, which includes blogging for them. You are probably confused because in this post I said I would be posting a lot on my art blog and then I haven't! I have been making work but have been so busy I haven't been scanning or photographing it for that blog. I am working on it!


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