Monday, January 10, 2011

new year; also, food

As promised, regular posting is starting up here again. 

I've had a few different ideas of where I want this blog to go, and I've finally decided that this blog is just going to go where it wants to! The original idea I had was that all of the posts here would fall squarely into one of five categories: images I was using, at that moment, in art projects I was working on at that very moment; photos and recipes of food I had made; things going on in my life; various websites and products that strike my fancy; and photos and screenshots of design projects. Instead, it's been more like: images I find inspiring at the moment; photos and recipes of food I had made; some website screenshots as I complete them; and some random things as they strike my fancy. 

I haven't really posted about things going on in my life any further than they relate to food I've made or why I haven't been posting much. And it's been helping me more to catalog and categorize images that inspire me generally, rather than organize images that are helping me think about and plan specific projects (in part because I've been a bit of a slouch with art projects in recent months). Sometimes I think I "should" post more recipes, or make this blog only about recipes, or make another blog just for recipes, and so on. But I want this to stay fun, and what's kept this fun for me is to post whatever I feel like posting at the moment. So my plan is to just do more of those same types of posts I've been making!

In the meantime, here are some food photos from the last couple months! At top is a basket of fruit and squash after a trip to our local farmer's market. And directly above is some amazing homemade vegan sushi my roommate made. 

More veggie sushi! On our end tables before we bought a real kitchen table. 

And my favorite snack of the moment, whole wheat toast with the tofu "deviled egg" recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes and sliced celery.

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