Monday, January 31, 2011

Amanda's illustrated sushi book

My roommate, Amanda, and I both made recipe books to give as gifts this winter. After I posted a photo of her homemade vegan sushi, I wanted to post recipes to go with it. But she doesn't follow a recipe, exactly, and I also didn't feel qualified to transcribe it, since I've never made sushi myself. So I'm posting her beautifully illustrated veggie sushi recipe book instead! Most of her favorite combinations of fruit and vegetables are pictured here. Then I guess she makes the rice and wraps it and all that normally? I like to leave the veggie sushi construction to her!

Above: celery and pomegranate seeds with scallions, and sauteed mushroom with scallions (pages 1 and 2). 

Above: the index page (page 0). 

Above: sauteed mushrooms with scallions, sweet potato with red cabbage slaw and red pepper (pages 3 and 4).

Above: kale, left, and carrot, sweet potato, and red onion, right (pages 5 and 6).
Above: an interesting arrangement of pickle, spinach, and onion (pages 7 and 8). 

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