Monday, September 13, 2010

linkspam, what I've been up to, and sorry for the absence

heirloom cherry tomatoes, my favorite tomatoes at the moment

Sorry for the lag in posting for the past week. I'm finally getting my move across the country together! More on that as it develops. 

I've been cooking and drawing in the last week, so look out for recipes here (pesto, coming up soon, is pictured below) and new work on my art blog in the next few days. 

Today I killed a ton of time with candybar, software that lets you change icons on your mac. At first it was because 1) I'd just read (and downloaded) this gorgeous post from Jessica Hische about the dock icon set she made, and 2) the new itunes icon is hideous. Next, I was browsing iconfactory, where I found this cute Doctor Who icon set (can anyone who has watched Doctor Who and owned a mac possibly convince me that a TARDIS icon is not completely perfect for my time machine backups?). I also found these pretty steampunk icons (though I'm not quite sure what to do with them... I love that trashcan, but will I ever recognize it as a trashcan?) plus this other, HUGE set of still more steampunky icons (it's somewhat more hit or miss, but there are so many that I found a lot I loved. the hideous itunes icon is now replaced by a gramophone). And finally, tons of amazing and gorgeous icons by PixelPress, which I found on a notcot link

I've been collecting other links, too. I looked up book arts in the San Francisco bay area: Bay Area Book Arts; San Francisco Bay Area Book Arts; and the zine library at Rock Paper Scissors. Also miscellaneous links: I seriously think that all of these animals are cute, especially that amazing star-nosed mole;  Smashing Magazine's new list of great wordpress themes; advice from Frank Chimero on his tumblr, which has already been linked approximately everywhere, and a corollary reading list which is linked slightly fewer places; this cool diy project for storage "books" on design*sponge; these perfect gingko-leaf shaped post-its, which I found on, which is the tumblr of a polar bear's tale, which I've already reblogged a ton on my own tumblr

Whew! That was a lot of links. Here's some pesto, recipe post forthcoming: 

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