Wednesday, March 30, 2011

more favorites from They Draw and Cook

I've been trying to post a recipe a week, but I've been struggling with a minor head cold for over a week now and while I've been cooking a bit, don't have anything beautiful or interesting to share with you this week. So I figured now would be a great time for my to share more of my favorites from They Draw and Cook! (I know my  links in that post are dead, I'll fix them soon.)

Above is Ekaterina Muratova's Summer Vegetable Soup. I love the character of the little people assembling the soup, and their beautiful shadows. A really wonderful and wonderfully executed idea.

Chickpea Dip by Sali Swindell. Fantastic composition and linework, really satisfying!

I love the simplicity and innocence of this Little Star Soup by Stefanie Hess. Great use of negative space.

Wonderfully laid-out and delicious-looking, I can't wait to try making this Yaprak Sarma by Serkan Toros.

Fennel Saute, another beautiful recipe by Sali Swindell. More gorgeous layout, typographic, shapes, and lines.

I love the old-fashioned specimen-style in this Butternut Squash Soup by Heidi Aldin Monteleone. Very classic style.

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  1. oh WOW!!!! Thanks so much for featuring They Draw and Cook (and especially my recipes!!) We are also huge fans of Meta Wraber and Matt Dawson ; ) Great blog you have here!


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