Friday, October 22, 2010

fall is here

Fall is here, and my basil is wilting (above) and delicata squash (above) is in season. 

A few days ago, I made VeganYum Yum's amazing delicata squash bisque recipe. (Also check out her related post on homemade vegetable broth.) It's a wonderful and simple recipe that always gets me in the mood for fall! (I didn't have homemade vegetable broth this time, I just used the boxed kind straight of the box. It was still delicious. Also check out the kitchn's recent post on improving store-bought broth.) 

Some other favorites among recent recipe posts: Sprouted Kitchen's sauteed beluga lentils and butternut squash; Veggie Num Num's green vegetable gratin with crunchy carrot crust; Bless Her Heart's vodka infused with cardamom and and ginger; Apple a Day's pumpkin chai blondies (I haven't tried a vegan version yet, but I bet substituting margarine, cornstarch- or egg-replacer-eggs, vegan sweeteners, and vegan cream cheese would do the trick); and the kitchn's 10 ways to eat an acorn squash

And other things I've found on the web: Renske Solkesz has an awesome blog called The dress I made, which documents her project to sew her own clothes and only wear her homemade clothing; also, Design*Sponge has a beautiful post showing how to make one of her tote bags; I found some pretty tumblr themes you can install if you have firefox and greasmonkey, though eventually I found the pretty flowers distracting and went back to the original tumblr theme; and I found a website specializing in small lingerie, rather than just proportionally sizing down regular-size bras. 

I know posting has been irregular, but it's about to start getting regular again! There will be at least 2 posts a week from now on. And coming soon, a vegan thin mint recipe! (Pictured below.) 

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